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What are magic truffles?  

The Microdosing XP truffles we offer also called 'philosophers' stones', are actually not magic truffles but sclerotia of Psilocybe Mexicana. Sclerotia are mycelium thickeners that grow underground and are part of the fungus, just like the fruiting bodies (mushrooms) that appear above the ground.

These truffles are native to the subtropical regions of Mexico and Guatemala and have been used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples for spiritual and religious purposes and as medicine. Our microdosing truffles have been cultivated especially for us by the best and most experienced truffle grower in the Netherlands. These 'Stones of the Wise' contain the psychoactive molecules psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin/norbaeocystin, norpsilocyne and aeruginascin.

microdosing truffles

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What is microdosing with truffles?

Microdosing means taking a minimal dose (a so-called 'microdosing') of magic truffles, about 1/10 part of a dose of which you would experience a psychedelic experience. According to a certain protocol, you take these truffles for about a month to 2 months, then take a break from 2 weeks to a month to evaluate whether or not it is beneficial for you. You won't trip off a microdose, not even a little bit. People who take microdoses do perceive subtle effects. It works on a sub-perceptual level. This means that a microdose should not cause classic psychedelic effects, no visual disturbances and that you should be able to function normally during your daily activities and interactions.

The subtle effects one often observes:

  • More energy
  • Clear thinking
  • Increased problem-solving ability
  • More creativity
  • Better concentration
  • Positive mood
  • Emotional connection with the people around you
  • Conscious of yourself and your surroundings
  • More in the 'Now', being in the present moment 

Read more about the effects of microdosing with truffles.

Why microdosing?

It's good to think about this for a moment. What's your reason for working with these powerful truffles? For what purpose do you want to microdose? One microdose for many different reasons. Ranging from more creativity to the reduction of certain medical complaints.

Combine with medication?

James Fadiman P.h.D. has drawn up a list of medicines that, according to people who participated in his research, can be combined with microdoses without any problems. Make sure to review the list of Drugs and Supplements.

Like with most (psychoactive) substances, there are some risks and precautions to consider. 

Reported disadvantages of microdosing:

  • Fears may increase. This is why anxious people more often do not benefit from microdosing.
  • People with paranoia symptoms may experience more paranoia and suspicion during microdosing.
  • Microdosing truffles can cause mild stomach discomfort and nausea in sensitive individuals.
  • Some people (men) with colour blindness reported mild hallucinations, or after-images. They stopped their cycle. This does not apply to everyone with colour blindness
  • People diagnosed with bipolar disorder reported that they did benefit from microdosing during their depressive phase, but would discourage it during a manic phase.

For whom is microdosing discouraged?

  • Persons under 18 years of age.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • When you have tinnitus
  • Those who take the medicine lithium carbonate (lithium) or Tramadol.
  • Those who are sensitive to psychosis or who have ever had a psychosis or Bipolar. 
  • Men with colour blindness. They can see tracers in their field of vision. Not all people with colour blindness experience this, but there is a chance that it will occur.
  • People with an anxiety disorder, with the exception of social anxiety.
  • People who suffer from paranoia/argus. Microdosing XP can amplify paranoia.

Source: MicrodosingInstitute



The 5 different and most used Microdosing protocols

The phenomenon microdosing with psychedelics has been used worldwide for a number of years as a tool for personal development and awareness.

When you start working with microdosing truffles, test the truffles for a month and experience whether it has benefit or not for you. If you don't experience a positive effect after a month, just stop without any problems. Do you experience any benefits? Follow one of these microdosing protocols of your choice for another month and then take a one month break.

Fadiman protocol:

DAY 1: Microdosing day

DAY 2: Transition Day

DAY 3: Normal day

DAY 4: Microdosing day

DAY 5: Continue cycle for 1 month

Microdosing Fadiman protocol

2 fixed days in the week Protocol

Choose 2 fixed days in the week to microdose, which best suits your personal situation.

Intuitive Microdosing Protocol

Microdose in a completely intuitive way, with the only rule that you always leave at least 1 day between microdoses. People who have followed the Fadiman protocol once tend to switch to a more intuitive way of microdosing.

Every other Day Protocol

The Coaching team of the Microdosing Institute has developed a protocol that suits people with depressive symptoms and people who microdose for medical purposes. Their long experience of guiding people on their Microdosing journey has naturally lead them to this protocol. With the advice of James Fadiman, they have come to the conclusion that microdosing Institute's 'every other day' gets more out of people's microdosing pathway, without having to feel a dip or withdraw in their eXPerience. If you would like to start microdosing with support from experienced coaches, please contact the Microdosing Institute team and schedule a consultation.


Microdosing.nl Every other Day protocol


Nightcap Protocol

Some people notice certain fatigue when they microdose with our microdosing truffles. They experience it as pleasant to microdose in the evening, so that they have a good night's sleep and will still feel the indirect effects of microdosing. Also people tend to have more vidid dreams.

Hierbij bevestig ik dat ik ouder dan 18 jaar ben. Wij verkopen uitsluitend producten voor mensen die ouder zijn dan 18 jaar.