About us

Microdosing is defined as taking a very low, sub-perceptual dose of a classic psychedelic substance. Most microdosers do this according to a protocol, for instance once every three days, and they continue for a period of eight to ten weeks.
This original protocol was developed by Dr. James Fadiman, a psychologist, author and researcher (formerly at Harvard and Stanford Universities) who is fully dedicated to identifying the advantages, disadvantages and possible applications of microdosing.
We have been following the developments in the microdosing space since 2015. Microdosing has added a new dimension to our prior experience in working with entheogens like ayahuasca, psilocybin and various other plant-based psychedelics. Provided they are used correctly, consciously and respectfully, for example in ceremonial or therapeutic settings, these substances enable you to gain transformative insights about many aspects of yourself, including how you relate to others and the world we live in.

Microdosing as a tool

Microdosing also offers this opportunity, but in a non-invasive way, as the practice is integrated into your daily life. Because microdosing is sub-perceptual you are able to follow your normal daily routine, while you can benefit from an extra layer of 'awareness'. Many describe it as 'being more present' or ‘being more connected’. This can manifest in multiple ways: as extra focus, as being more in the flow, accessing your creativity more easily, feeling less frustration and heaviness, and being better able to cope with stress or pressure.

Why this store?

Plant medicines such as fresh magic truffles and the san pedro cactus have been available through Dutch smartshops since the 90s. Unfortunately, the quantities and packaging don’t facilitate ease of use if you want to microdose. We wanted to make microdosing easier. We wanted to ensure everyone has access to the right products, and the right education, so that microdosing is not only easy, but also fully safe and effective. Therefore, we’ve teamed up with Microdosing Institute (Dutch: Microdosing.nl) back in 2017 as we decided to start selling toolkits, or microdosing sets. Nowadays things have become a whole lot easier, especially when Microdosing XP Truffles hit the market. This microdosing package contains small-sized portions of fresh truffle that are suitable for microdosing, whereas the airtight seal keeps the remaining portions fresh.

Our partners

We are proud partners of Microdosing Institute. They offer information, an educational course, 1:1 coaching and community support. They also work with scientists worldwide so that the collective can quickly gain more insight into the effects and possible applications of microdosing. Together with Hein and Jakobien we have already developed several toolkits, a microdosing notebook and a video course that allows you to learn how to microdose in just over 2.5 hours.

Our other valued partner is Hans Grootewal, the country's first grower and supplier (FreshMushrooms) of magic truffles and mushroom grow kits. Like us, he believes that humans can learn and grow an incredible amount from mushrooms and truffles; our ‘forgotten teachers'. His expertise comes from 35 years of experience with the professional and large-scale cultivation of various mushroom species is unique in the Netherlands. We are very proud to be able to sell these products - developed with love and of unparalleled quality.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about our products, packaging or delivery, check our FAQs.

If you’re hoping to learn more about microdosing, have questions about your first experiment or would you like guidance, visit Microdosinginstitute.com and join the community!

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