Microdose.nl provides resources to adults who decide to microdose on their own initiative.
Microdose.nl does not claim that microdosing is effective as a medicine, aid or supplement nor can it be claimed a substitute for professional medical help, therapeutical help, or health advice.
In case of medical or psychological complaints as well as the first symptoms of depression or anxiety you should always contact your physician or a mental health professional.

Microdose.nl does not encourage the use of illegal psychedelics in any way, nor does it violate the law. Nor can Microdose.nl be held responsible for illegal acts as well as the possession of illegal substances.


Below is a brief explanation of the psychedelics we offer and their legality in the Netherlands.
Important: in Belgium, Germany and most other EU countries, magic truffles, psychoactive cacti and mushroom cultivation kits are not allowed.


The sale of fresh magic truffles is permitted in the Netherlands. Selling dried truffles however is not allowed. Psilocybin (the active ingredient) may not be extracted from the truffle and mushroom and processed into products. Machine drying and processing of magic mushrooms or truffles is not allowed. For commercial purposes, the drying (processing), capsuling, extracting is punishable. However, for personal use it is considered the lowest priority for law enforcement.

Other tools:

The mushroom cultivation kit is allowed, but the mushrooms themselves are on List 1. The other tools offered in this store are not on List 1 of the Opium Act. At this moment it is not illegal to buy these products. Partly because the resources would not be considered suitable for consumption by law. However, we would like to point out that processing/drying/extracting/capsulating active substances from the San Pedro cactus, truffles or mushrooms is in principle an illegal act, as is the commercialization of these extractions.


We hope with this explanation to have made you sufficiently aware of the fragile legal situation. It is your own responsibility not to violate it.
In addition, we recommend that you exercise caution at all times, both in relation to the use of psychedelics and in your communications about them. The Netherlands has a rich history of entheogenic discoveries and at the moment there is an increasing amount of research being done on the therapeutic effects and application of psilocybin and LSD, among others. However, in Europe the legislation is based on very different (political) developments. Therefore it is impossible to predict to which side the current situation will lean towards in the near future.
Should a psychedelics-related incident (or something similar) take place or sensational messages are spread through the media, the chance of a ban increases significantly. We and our partners strive to maximize education and research. We see it as our responsibility to disseminate only accurate, fact-based information and to debunk untruths.

Hierbij bevestig ik dat ik ouder dan 18 jaar ben. Wij verkopen uitsluitend producten voor mensen die ouder zijn dan 18 jaar.