Microdosing XP truffles: Where does XP stand for?

Microdosing XP truffles: Where does XP stand for?

Our Microdosing XP truffles have a new look. New durable foil and beautiful packaging. But what does XP stand for?

Microdosing XP truffles are here!

After a year of testing and development in cooperation with our Microdosing community and Freshmushrooms, we managed to give our Microdosing XP truffles a nice, practical and durable look. The new white foil ensures that our product is even better vacuum packed so that the individual portions of truffles stay fresh for a long time. 

What does 'XP' microdosing actually stand for?

microdosing XP truffles

Microdosing XP truffles are packed individually, ensuring freshness and ease-of-use

XP is the abbreviation for 3 essential concepts in the microdosing world.

  • eXPloration
  • eXperience
  • eXPanding
  • eXtra Positive

1. eXpansion

James Fadiman, the founder and rediscoverer of microdosing with psychedelics started his research into the effects of microdosing in 2010. Or as he prefers to call it 'Searching' for the effects of Microdosing. He called his study 'A Microdosing eXPloration'. Because that is what Microdosing was and what it still is today, a voyage of discovery. Not only to the extensive possibilities, but also a voyage of discovery within yourself. The mental process that microdosing sets in motion in people is at least worth investigating, was Fadiman's thought.

Since then, thousands of people worldwide have experienced the benefits of microdosing. On the online forum Reddit, there are 70,000 members who exchange experiences with each other. On Facebook, you'll find several groups about microdosing, including the private Facebook group of the community platform of the Netherlands, Microdosing.nl with more than 5000 members from all over the globe.

Although more and more research is being done into microdosing, it still remains research in motion

2. eXperience

During your microdosing journey, your own experience comes first. Sharing your Microdosing epperience, and your experience with the community and scientists is very valuable. For yourself and for others. By sharing experiences with each other, you learn from each other's experiences and the advantages and possible disadvantages of microdosing and various microdosing protocols are further mapped out.

Microdosing Institute works closely with James Fadiman and they've collaborated on collecting experience reports since the beginning of the platform, which they share with Fadiman.

We at Microdosingtruffles.com are convinced that more research is still needed to map all the intricacies of microdosing. This is why we choose to sponsor and help out with various research projects.

The various benefits that people report create interest among scientists to research these positive effects. Microdosing studies for Cluster headache, ADHD, ADD, depression, PTSD, PMS for example are currently ongoing or will be in the future. Do you want to participate in Microdosing research? Make sure to see if there are any active studies recruiting on this page of Microdosing Institute.

3. eXPanding

Mind eXPanding stands for expanding your perspective on yourself and on life. One of the effects that microdosing usually has on people is that it expands the mind. You learn to look at things from a different perspective. This often leads to more patience and understanding for yourself and the people around you. This helps you to break old patterns and learn new inspiring patterns.  

4. eXtra Positive

Many of our customer's experiences with Microdosing XP truffles a good balance in their lives. In our daily life, we often have to deal with challenges. Finding a good balance between work and private life, maintaining a nice social life, and organising life at home. Many people experience fatigue, feeling down, fussiness and stress. We believe that for many, microdosing can play a pivotal role here.

How are the Microdosing XP truffles packaged?

We recently visited the largest truffle grower in the Netherlands and producer of the Microdosing XP truffle product and we were blown away by the care and innovation that we witness in the facilities.

It fills us with pride to be one of the few shops specialized in microdosing products that now offers this product, directly from grower to consumer.

We were allowed to film the truffles packaging machine in action, check it out:

Hierbij bevestig ik dat ik ouder dan 18 jaar ben. Wij verkopen uitsluitend producten voor mensen die ouder zijn dan 18 jaar.